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There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies. +


The True Blood Vampire Directory

Dieter Braun was born in Konigsburg, Prussia in 1770. His was a noble family who expected him to continue their dynasty. However, once Dieter begun his higher education, he became estranged from his family and fell in with a group of intellectuals centered around the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Dieter eschewed material possessions and begun to live as an ascetic, dedicating his life to scholarly pursuits. This all changed when Prussia’s stability and peaceful stasis became threatened by Napoleon Bonaparte. Dieter wanted to do his part to defend the Prussian way of life, so he enlisted. At the battle of Jena-Auerstedt, the Prussian army was taking a heavy beating. Dieter, fighting as a foot soldier, found himself behind enemy lines outmanned five-to-one. Miraculously he overcame his enemies and returned home only slightly wounded. He refused accolades and medals, wanting only to return to his studies in the newly subjugated Prussia. He was surprised on night to find someone waiting for him: a female vampire named Collette. Her human companion had been killed by Dieter and in a strange bit of logic, she felt Dieter to be the only suitable replacement. Dieter was by nature a curious man and granted her request. They began a relationship that resulted in Dieter being turned four years later.


Nora talking about Lilith and something about her human life.




BR’s extra shows us Rosalyn taking about TA, Sanguinistas and the interpretation of the bibles.

I laughed so much. Rosalyn was the most funny/frightening bitch in the show. Why is she talking about Remus ? Is this an hint.

Anyway, my moronic progeny George. xD

it could well be. There is Remus in True Blood comics:, but we don’t know if this character will be present in the show. If so, he was Godric’s vampire brother in the comics.

So a little speculation: What if Nan didn’t kill him (wrong info as in the case of RE) and Remus is Warlow? Hence Nora knowing (of) Warlow ?





Sookie found out who  the traitor was in Godric’s nest and Eric and Bill discovered the traitor in TA’s nest. Both happened in episode 7 (S2 and S5).

Was Salome a traitor or was she covering for someone? Supposedly she followed Eric and Bill the night they buried Russell yet she didn’t expect Eric to be so tall? Even if she kept back a great distance to avoid detection, with her keen 2000 year old vampire sight Salome couldn’t have missed the massive height difference between the two vampires.

Bill must have known the Authority would be coming for him because of the hugely expensive witch debacle and he made sure he had an ace up his sleeve, a get out of jail free card: The threat of Russell Edgington.

Bill to Roman: [not exact] If you want your entire mainstreaming agenda obliterated by Russell then by all means, ignore me.

Sounds like a threat to me.

Which just makes you wonder about that whole FoTS situation…

Wouldn’t it seem logical that if the Authority approved/appointed monarchs that they would make a point to meet a candidate before he/she is approved?  If so, surely Bill had met more than just Nan before he assumed the throne, and would the other members of the Authority have just taken Nan’s word that Bill would be a suitable monarch if her own position was in jeopardy?  Perhaps there was more to the Salome/Bill relationship than meets the eye, despite her declaration that she had been following his career.  Also, since Salome witnessed Russell’s encasement in the cement, did she also see Bill do the same to Eric?  Maybe she was just surprised to see him at all and made the comment about his height to cover her surprise at seeing him with Bill.   There are still many unanswered questions surrounding this scene.

We were suspicious of Salome and her ‘confession’ too. In fact we made a post about it some time ago. There is something fishy about this whole thing. I just hope we hear more about this.

Yes to the bold. Bill became king of Louisiana without even being examined once by the rest of the Authority? In such a dire political moment for vampires as it was just after the witch debacle? Bill was recruited as a double agent for TA by Nan only? Seriously, are we supposed to believe so?


Secret societies in True Blood

There has been many clues to secret societies throughout the seasons from the ku klux klan child in the opening credits to the latest, the symbol of the Authority as shown in the promos.

We have collected the visual clues from the different seasons here:

Season 1 – the Ku Klux Klan from the opening credits (pic. 2) and the Shriners (pic. 3).

Season 2 – the Free Masons in the form of the ring belonging to Hoyt’s dad (pic. 4) and Rosicrucianism in the form of the cross (pic. 5).

Season 3 - Ku Klux Klan’s burning cross (pic. 6).

Season 4 - Skull and Bones in the form of the symbol on the wall (pic. 7).

Season 5 – the Authority and their symbol as shown in the promos (pic. 1).

This was my second lost post from 4th of June and I luckily found it here too :)

True Blood Alphabet : Authority






In which Eric Northman is a shipper.




You know what’s funny? This is the new Vampire Authority. ALL OF THEM.

Yes, and I continue to wonder why the scar faced guy who used to be a  nurse practitioner but likes eat children and babies is included. Maybe to show that nothing is too depraved for this now Authority since all he seems to bring to the table his his depravity. Salome wants Bill because he is her “Adam”. Nora wants Eric because she loves him ( he knows too much to turn them down and still live) , Russel is there because he was useful in killing Roman and he leads the V-weres. He’s also good at getting what he wants. Salome believes she can control him. Nora is Salome’s loyal puppet servant and the other two, Kibwe and Roslyn have experience to bring to the table. But what, other than his total depravity, does Mr. scarface bring? I forget his name.

And I still wonder where the fuck is Molly-Mac.


Their faces!!! :)))

See? Everyone is having the same vision of Lilith simultaneously.