a friend who bleeds is better
There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies. +
"Ah have never luhved, nor will Ah ever luhve, as Ah have loved you."



You’re all probably sick of me and my musings by now, but here it goes…

Never. Musings are what Tumbrl is for! Well, musings and cat pictures, but that’s not the point… :)

Compensating much, Beelliam? By the time he says this, he’s declared his love for Sookie so many times, that I hardly even vomit anymore upon hearing it, I just blanch slightly. Even if we didn’t know all we do about Bill, shouldn’t his need to state this over and over again, especially when he knows he’s in the dog house. I don’t want to attempt to count how many times he’s tried to say “I love you” as a means of avoiding be blamed for his blunders. Love is NOT an excuse! It’s something much more beautiful, and Bill is slandering that beauty.

This. Bill uses his love for Sookie (if it is love at all) as a sort of stop-gap for all occasions. “I have lied to you, but that’s because I love you!” “I love you, and, therefore, you owe me your love back.” “You are my miracle, so, really, you have to shoulder this tremendous responsibility for my miraculous feelings and BE that miracle.” “I love you, so you must suspend all judgement and overlook the fact that every damn time I say this, it’s because some shit has happened to you.” 

His “love” is Lysol. It’s an all-purpose cleaner. 

Since Bill is, in essence, a device made to juxtapose with Eric, let’s look at Eric’s sole admission of love. It’s made almost in a whisper, it’s not being used as an argument. There are no bells and whistles dressed up to make it seem something grand, he only says “I love you”. Practical as ever, he gets right to the point, and doesn’t use any other glorifying words such as “You are my miracle” to keep attention tied to it. Instead, by just saying those three simple yet loaded words, we see sincerity, and we are almost forced to take into account the way his says it, his body language when he does so, and what it truly means to him. There’s nothing passive or laid-back about his admission at all, and it NEVER ceases to make chills run down my spine, 30 watches later.

I don’t think Bill’s purpose is only to be a juxtaposition to Eric. It’s broader than that. He is a distorted perspective, a grimy window we must break through to see the reality. 

But the point stands: Eric’s “I love you” is not something that has a qualifier attach to it. It’s a statement of a simple fact. He loves her. Yes, he wants her to love him back, sure. Why wouldn’t he? But it’s not an “I love you, therefore you MUST.” It’s not a guilt trip, it’s not an apology, it’s not an explanation for anything, it’s not a justification. It’s just is. “I love you, I want you to be with me. The ball is in your corner.” 

Bill’s first love declaration to Sookie: ”Sookie, I cannot and I will not lose you. For all the ways I have dismayed, offended or failed you, I swear I will atone. But I’m not sorry. I refuse to apologize for what you have awaken in me. You are my miracle, Sookie. For the first time in 140 years, I felt something that I thought was lost in me fore ever. I love you. And for that I should never feel sorry.” 

Eric’s first love declaration to Sookie: "I love you".

I guess that, if you like guys who go waxing poetical and do a lot of theatrics, then you’ll prefer Bill’s version - funny how Bill manages to talk so polished when expressing his true feelings for the first time! - , but, if you ask me, I like simplicity more than anything. 

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