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"…my life, for the most part, has been very stale and colorless. Dead, I mean. The world has always been an empty place to me. I was incapable of enjoying even the simplest things. I felt dead in everything I did.’ He brushed the dirt from his hands. ‘But then it changed,’ he said. ‘The night I killed that man."

ASOIAF project - House Greyjoy

Everything we know about ‘The Winds of Winter’ so far:


The Winds of Winter is set to be the sixth in the ASOIAF series. Over the past two years we’ve been given 2 full chapters, multiple summaries of every con reading, and snippets of information about what we have in store. So I thought I’d compile everything together to learn about every confirmed chapter we know shall be in the book, and what those 11 chapters contain.

Obviously, major spoilers for the whole series.

Confirmed chapters: (I have put these chapters in an order that I have came up with. This order is not canon. I have ordered it based on how I predict it may be, but again, it could be 100% wrong.)

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Asoiaf characters ~ SANSA [x]
“And she says nothing of Arya, nothing, not so much as a word. Damn her! What’s wrong with the girl?”
Bran felt all cold inside. “She lost her wolf”, he said, weakly, remembering the day when four of his father’s guardsmen had returned from the south with Lady’s bones. 
Lena Headey by Julie Brothers (2008)


peter dinklage could get nominated for an emmy 500 times and it would still be a big deal, okay? the fact that he’s now considered the “obvious” choice for a nomination is itself a big deal!

I mean, this is a visibly disabled man who is hitting us full on with his attractiveness and talent in such a way that people can no longer deny the fact that he’s a leading man. that he’s a star and force to be taken seriously. and he’s doing all of this while playing a role that is really rare in how well it deals with delivering a disability narrative! how is any of this not completely and overwhelmingly awesome???

so if you’re tired of seeing peter get nominated for emmys, I suggest you get off my lawn because I’m going to take every chance I can to celebrate him.

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